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About Us

Your Child is in Great Hands


Our Mission

The mission of the Key West Early Childhood Center is to provide a safe, nurturing environment to young children. We strive to develop their cognitive, social/emotional, physical, language and aesthetic skills. Through guidance and instruction, our goal is to help children grow into caring responsible individuals and lifelong learners.

Our Philosophy

Children are born learning! Research shows that from birth to age five it is essential that children have the highest quality education and care possible, as 85% of brain development occurs during this time. Our job at Key West Early Childhood Center (KWECC) is not only to provide quality care and preschool experiences for the children, but to also support parents. 


Our center believes that a powerful education begins with collaboration between home and school. Families and children will be treated with love and understanding, with the goal of building trust and mutual respect. Every child at KWECC should feel loved, appreciated, and valued for their individuality. We will strive to provide experiences rooted in individual expression, creativity, and curiosity that foster development of language, social emotional and cognitive skills. It is our goal that children will establish confidence, self-worth, and a lifelong love of learning while at our school.

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