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  • What are the requirements for the free four year old preschool?
    Child must be a resident of Iowa. Child must be four years old on or before September 15. Birth certificate - Proof of age must be provided.
  • What if I am running late picking up my child? Are there extra charges?
    If you are running late, please call and let us know. Staffing is based on the number of children in attendance. We must always be adequately staffed. The part-time hourly rate will be charged for time outside of your scheduled hours.
  • Do I need to let you know if someone else is picking up my child?
    Yes, parents must notify the office if someone other than the designated person is picking up their child. If the person is unknown to staff, a photo I.D. will also be required. Advance notice by e-mailing your child's teacher and the office is okay. However, if it is for the same day a phone call is requested as e-mail is not checked frequently.
  • Does my child need to be potty-trained?
    Children in the two-year-old class do not have to be potty trained. These children are in various stages of training-parents and teachers work together to decide when is the right time for each child. Children in the three and four-year-old classes must be self-sufficient when using the restroom. We recommend clothing that is easy for children to manage by themselves which helps foster their independence.
  • Do I have to pay the registration fee each year?
    Registration is a one-time fee charged upon initial registration.
  • Can my child wear sandals/flip flops?
    Children should wear closed toe shoes for their safety. They will practice gross motor skills such as walking on a balance beam, climbing, skipping, etc. Shoes that are secure on their feet allow the children to practice these skills safely. Tennis shoes for these activities are best.
  • My child wants to bring something to nap with. Is this ok?
    We provide individual cots, sheets and blankets that are washed weekly for the children. If your child brings something to nap with, the item should fit easily in their book bag along with their artwork, newsletters, extra set of clothing, etc.
  • Do I need to bring a diaper bag for my infant?
    A bottle bag is sufficient. There is not room for diaper bags in the rooms for children under age two.
  • Can I enroll my infant or toddler part time?
    Children under age two are required to pay the Full-time rate with a 36 hour weekly minimum.
  • Do I pay for days that my child is scheduled if he /she does not attend?
    Yes, families will be required to pay for their minimum contract hours each week regardless of attendance. Upon enrollment, each student will provide a standard schedule. This schedule will serve as the contract that is required to be paid each week.
  • Do we have vacation weeks that we are not required to pay for?
    here are five weeks per year that minimum hours will not be required. These are the weeks in which the following holidays fall: Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Additionally, minimums will not be charged the week of Dubuque Community School District’s Spring Break.
  • Is it ok if we drop off early? What happens if we pick up late?
    The standard schedule/contract of hours is used to determine staffing needs. Parents must have approval from the office for their child to arrive early or stay later than scheduled.
  • Can I change my contract of hours for my child?
    Contracts may be changed two times per year. All contract changes require a 30-day written notice and are subject to director approval to allow for staffing adjustments.
  • How do teachers communicate with parents?
    Teacher's use an App called ProCare Engage. Parents can download this app and receive updates, photos, and information about their child's day. It is important for parents to check it daily. We also use email, phone calls and newsletters.
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