KWECC Hours/General Fees and Charges (Applies to All)

  • Center Hours—6:30 AM-5:30 PM
  • Childcare Registration Fee—A $50 one-time, non-refundable fee per child is due upon initial registration to the center.
  • Supply Fee—Annual supply fee of $40 per child will be charged at enrollment and again each August.
  • Insufficient Funds Fee—$30 for each returned payment
  • Late schedule Fee—$10 for any schedule not turned in by 5:00 pm Tuesday
  • Lunch Fee—$3.75/day ($2/day for children under 2)
  • Late Pick-Up Fee—$1.00 per minute per child applies for children in the center past closing.

Childcare Hourly Rates (Overview)

  • Upon enrollment, each student will provide a standard schedule. This schedule will serve as the contract that the student is required to pay for each week.
  • All students must contract for a minimum of 24 hours per week for part-time or a minimum of 36 hours for full-time. Full-Time care is required for all children in the Infant, Transition, and Toddler classrooms.
  • Contract hours are billed each Monday for the current week.
  • Hours in excess of the contracted amount or outside of the contracted amount will be billed the following week at the part-time rate for the child’s age group as over the contract amount.
  • Contracts may be changed two times per year. All contract changes require a 30-day notice and are subject to director approval to allow staffing adjustments.
  • Any weekly changes to the schedule (such as picking up early or staying late) must be reported by the Tuesday prior to the change to accommodate Center staffing. Schedule changes do not reduce the contracted amount.

Tuition Express (Required)

  • All families are required to complete a tuition express (ACH) form for automatic payment on accounts using checking or savings.

Infant, Transition, and Toddler Classrooms—Hourly Rate

  • Full-Time Rate$5.15/hour (36 hour minimum contract per week)
  • No Part-Time Option

2-Year-Olds—Hourly Rate

  • Part-Time Rate—(24-35 contract hours per week)—$5.10/hour
  • Full-Time Rate—(36+ contract hours per week)—$4.55/hour
  • Drop-In Rate—(Applied when the student attends on an irregular basis)—$7.75/hour

3-Year-Olds—Hourly Rate

  • Part-Time Rate—(24-35 contract hours per week)—$4.90/hour
  • Full-Time Rate—(36+ contract hours per week)—$4.25/hour
  • Drop-In Rate—(Applied when the student attends on an irregular basis)—$7.75/hour

4-Year-Old Preschool* and School Age—Hourly Rate

  • Part-Time Rate—(24-35 contract hours per week)—$4.70/hour
  • Full-Time Rate—(36+ contract hours per week)—$4.15/hour
  • Drop-In Rate—(Applied when the student attends on an irregular basis)—$7.75/hour

*4-Year-Old Fees

AM Class—8:30-11:30/ PM Class—12:30-3:30

    • 4 days – Free (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)—covered by the Iowa Department of Education Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program.
    • Any additional hours are billed according to the above minimums. (Preschool hours count towards minimums.)
    • If children who attend preschool only are clocked in more than 5 minutes before preschool starts or 5 minutes after preschool ends, they will be billed for a full hour at the drop-in rate.
    • Children who live out of state or who are 5 as of September 15th will pay a monthly preschool fee of $375 and the part-time hourly rate for any wrap-around care.

Summer Withdrawal

  • Families wishing to withdraw from care for the summer and return to care in the fall may pay a $300 fee to hold their child’s spot. Infant, Transition, and Toddler Classrooms are not allowed to withdraw for the summer. The summer withdrawal period is June 6 – August 22.  Any care needed between those dates will be considered drop-in care and is subject to the center’s availability.


  • Families are required to pay for their minimum contract hours each week regardless of attendance. Minimum hours will not be required for the weeks in which the following holidays fall: Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Additionally, minimums will not be charged the week of Dubuque Community School District’s Spring Break.

Non-School Days

  • We provide care to school-aged children on scheduled non-school days during the school year and summer. Sign your child up by the Tuesday of the week prior to be sure that we are staffed accordingly. The part-time 4/5-year-old rate ($4.70/hour) applies for this service. Lunch fees will apply.

Snow Days

  • We provide drop-in care for snow days and other unscheduled non-school days as space and staffing allow. Care for Snow Days is not guaranteed. Parents/care providers need to call after 7:00 am the morning of the Snow Day to inquire about availability. If the center is able to accommodate the child, this service will be billed at the drop-in rate of $7.75 per hour. Lunch fees will apply.